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29.05.2018 23:22

Bilateral Meeting of Nuclear Regulatory Bodies of the Czech Republic and the People´s Republic of China

Bilateral meeting were held in Prague on 25 and 26 May 2018 between the authorities of the State...

11.05.2018 23:26

The Czech Republic chairs the OPCW Executive council

Since 12 May 2018 the Czech Republic becomes member of the OPCW Executive Council for period 2018 –...

11.05.2018 23:21

The Czech Republic hosted the OPCW Meeting of National Authorities

17th regional meeting of National Authorities of states parties of the OPCW in Eastern Europe was...

11.05.2018 23:09

Quadrilateral Meeting of Nuclear Regulatory Authorities of Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia and the Czech Republic organized on 3 - 4 May 2018 in Budapest in Hungary

The quadripartite session of regulatory bodies of Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia and the Czech...

10.04.2018 15:03

First public meeting on the ongoing Topical Peer Review

The European Commision invites you to attend or to follow via web streaming the first public...