Instructions to the population in case of emergency

Important phone numbers for emergency calls

150 – Fire and rescue service of the Czech Republic
If you find out an emergency (fire, accident with leakage of a dangerous substance, …) that endangers persons, property or the environment.

155 – Emergency medical services
The assistance of the emergency medical service is required for all life-threatening conditions.

158 – Police of CR or 156 – Municipal police
If you are witnessing a car accident or a crime.

The Single European Emergency Call Number 112 is intended primarily for foreigners and for emergency calls in the event of large-scale emergencies.

When reporting a message to emergency numbers, specify:

  • what happened,
  • where did it happened (report the number of the nearest street lighting pole),
  • your name and the phone number you are calling from.

After the call, wait for the callback to have the operator verify the truth of the reported message.

General principles of how to proceed

  • RESPECT and try to obtain information from official sources (radio, television, local radio, municipal ordinance, employer's instructions, etc.).
  • DO NOT SPREAD alarm and unauthenticated messages.
  • WARNING other endangered people in your immediate area, do not forget deaf people.
  • DO NOT CALL unnecessarily - the telephone network is overloaded in emergency situations.
  • DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE the situation.
  • HELP neighbors, especially the elderly, the sick and the infirm.
  • RECOGNIZE that human life and health are of the greatest value, and only then is the preservation of property.
  • FOLLOW the instructions of rescue personnel.

Warning signal

In the event of a threat or an emergency, primarily warned is the population by means of a warning signal GENERAL WARNING.

Siren tone

The length of tone

Name of the warning signal


140 seconds

General warning

In addition to the "General warning" warning signal, there is also a "FIRE ALARM" signal in the Czech Republic.

Siren tone

The lenght of tone

Name of the warning signal


25 seconds permanent tone,
10 seconds pause,
25 seconds permanent tone

Fire alarm

When the siren sounds

The instructions below only apply if there is clearly no flood or earthquake.

  1. SHELTER IMMEDIATELLY Find shelter in the nearest building. This can be a manufacturing company, office, shop, public building or private house. If you are traveling by car and hear a warning signal, park your car and seek shelter in the nearest building.
  2. CLOSE DOORS AND WINDOWS If you are in the building, close doors and windows. The siren with a high probability can signalize the leakage of toxic substances, gases, radiation fumes and poisons. Closing the space will reduce the likelihood of self-contamination.
  3. TURN ON RADIO OR TELEVISION Information on what happened, why was the siren triggered and the population warned, and what to do further, you will hear in the emergency news of mass media. In the event of a power failure, use a portable battery-powered radio. This information is also provided by municipal radio, or electronic sirens.

What to do, if evacuation is ordered

Follow the rules for leaving the home, take your evacuation luggage and arrive at the designated place in time. Follow the instructions of the evacuation authorities even when using your own vehicles.

Rules for leaving an apartment or house in a case of evacuation

  • Extinguish open fire in heaters.
  • Turn off electric appliances (except refrigerators and freezers).
  • Close the water and gas supply.
  • Make sure your neighbors know they should leave the apartment.
  • Put a name and address tag in the children's pocket.
  • Take cats and dogs with you.
  • Other pets, including exotic and farm animals, leave at home and pre-stock them well with water and feed.
  • Take your evacuation luggage and lock the apartment and arrive at the designated evacuation center.

Evacuation luggage

Evacuation luggage is prepared for a case of leaving the apartment due to an emergency and ordered evacuation.  For example a backpack, a travel bag or a suitcase will serve as an evacuation luggage. Label the luggage with your name and address.

Contains in particular:

  • Basic durable foods, preferably canned, well-packaged bread and especially drinking water.
  • Feed and drinking water for pets.
  • Daily necessities, dinner plate and cutlery.
  • Personal documents, money, insurance contracts and valuables.
  • Portable battery-powered radio with spare batteries.
  • Toiletries and hygiene supplies.
  • Medicaments (for two days at minimum), flashlight.
  • Spare underwear, clothes, shoes, raincoat, sleeping bag or blanket.
  • Pocket knife, matches, sewing and other details (charger/charged power bank for mobile phone).

Ilustrační obrázek - evakuační zavazadlo

Nuclear accident with radioactive release

Necessary recommendations:

  • Shelter as soon as possible in a closed room (preferably in cellars), preferably on the side facing away from the nuclear installation.
  • Close and seal windows and doors.
  • Turn off ventilation and seal other holes.
  • Watch the news in mass media.
  • Prepare improvised personal protective equipment (closed glasses, overall, coat, jacket, pants, rubber gloves and a scarf around your neck).
  • Prepare your evacuation luggage.
  • Iodine preparations (tablets) and improvised personal protective equipment take and use only on a basis of a public instruction.
  • Leave the building only on instruction.

In a case of a radiation accident at the Dukovany and Temelín nuclear power plants (NPP), residents living in the emergency planning zone follow the instructions of NPP operators and national and local government bodies.

Ilustrační grafika - mapa ČR s vyznačenými jadernými elektrárnami Temelín a Dukovany

Preliminary information of the population on the territory of the emergency planning zone of a nuclear facility (according to § 11 of Decree No. 359/2016) is prepared by the licensee. Information materials are available here (only in Czech):

Temelín NPPPříručka pro ochranu obyvatel v případě radiační havárie JE Temelín pro období 2020 - 2021 (PDF, 1,4 MB)

Dukovany NPPPříručka pro ochranu obyvatel v případě radiační havárie JE Dukovany pro období 2020 – 2021 (PDF, 1,3 MB)

Radioactivity symbol

Biological weapons

Biological weapons can be used in the form of aerosols (bacteria, viruses, toxins) into the air or enclosed spaces or by releasing insects (lice, fleas, flies, ticks) or by infecting water, food, air, objects. The biological infestation is undetectable by human senses. Occurrence is detected by special devices and sampling.

How to protect against the penetration or introduction of the disease into the body:

  • Do not use water from unknown sources.
  • Be able to prepare water using chemical disinfectants or by boiling.
  • Do not eat unprotected or untested food.
  • Keep the body clean even in adverse conditions.
  • Do not touch or inspect suspicious objects unnecessarily.
  • In case of signs of illness, seek medical attention immediately.

Follow the instructions of healthcare professionals and hygiene workers.

Biohazard symbol

Chemical waepons

Chemical weapons can be used in aerosol, liquid and gaseous form. It has a various effect on the body. They cause damage to the central nervous system, respiratory organs, digestive tract or disrupt metabolism, others have a blistering effect.

How to protect yourself from the effects of chemical weapons:

  • Use personal protective equipment immediately.
  • Find shelter in the nearest building.

Chemical weapon symbol

Flood protection

Before the flood:

  • Inform yourself at the municipal office how and where you will evacuate in a case of a flood threat.
  • Prepare sandbags, sealing foil, sealing plates and other building materials to seal low-lying doors and windows. Also secure sewer seals, toilet drain.
  • Prepare your medicaments, documents, appropriate clothing, food and drinking water for 2-3 days.
  • If you own a car, prepare it for immediate use during evacuation.
  • Prepare your evacuation luggage, move valuables and dangerous substances to higher floors, fasten things that could be carried away by water. Prepare to evacuate pets and other animals.

During the flood:

  • Leave the endangered area on the basis of instructions from the flood authorities of the municipality, the police and rescuers. In case of evacuation, follow the principles for leaving the apartment (house).
  • If there is not enough time, move immediately to a designated place that will not be flooded with water.

After the flood:

  • Let have checked the apartment (house) (static disturbance, habitability), energy distribution (gas, electricity, etc.), sewerage and water distribution.
  • Dispose of dead animals, food and field crops that have been affected by water. Follow the hygienist's instructions. Have experts clean the wells and rehabilitate them.
  • Inform yourself about places of humanitarian aid and, if necessary, request financial assistance, drinking water, food, warm clothing, hygiene products, the necessary tools to deal with flood damage and other necessary resources.
  • Contact the relevant insurance companies regarding compensation for damages (report the insured event to the insurance company, prepare a list of claims).

Ilustrační foto - záplavy

Anonymous notification (deposition of a bomb, explosives; use of dangerous material etc.)

Anonymous announcements about the placement of a bomb, explosive or dangerous substance are usually directed to the place where are many people. It is logical, most cases of such actions are aimed at evoking fear. However, we know that this is not always the case. We should reckon that an anonymous threat can be realized. Without thinking about whether it is, for example, a psychopath or a joke, we must take such an event seriously.

  • First of all, report the incident immediately to the emergency call number 158 (Police of the Czech Republic) or 150 (Fire and Rescue Service of the Czech Republic).
  • If there was an anonymous notice of the placement of a bomb or explosive in the building you are in, leave the building and move as far away from that location as possible.
  • Never stay close to a potential threat, even though your curiosity about what will happen in the next few minutes forces you to stay close to this dangerous place.

Receiving suspicious shipment (letter, packet)

  • Do not open or shake a suspicious shipment.
  • Store the shipment in a plastic bag or other suitable packaging.
  • Then leave the room, wash your hands with soap and water and report the incident to the emergency call number 158 (Police of the Czech Republic) or 150 (Fire and Rescue Service of the Czech Republic). The Police of the Czech Republic or the Fire and Rescue Service of the Czech Republic will take over the shipment from you and take it to verify the contents.  Before calling the emergency call number, seriously consider the facts that may lead to the opinion that it is a suspicious shipment. These can be, for example, an unexpected shipment from an unknown sender with suspicious handwriting or threatening text on the shipment, a smelly shipment or a shipment from which wires are sticking out or a strange ticking. When opening a shipment, it can be, for example, suspicious loose material or any suspicious object.

Ilustrační foto - podezřelá zásilka

Requesting information by citizens

  • In case of danger, you will get all the necessary information from local radio, radio and TV broadcasts, municipal ordinances, mobile radio cars, etc.
  • If you want to be informed about the crisis management system and the protection of the population in your area (workplace), please contact the crisis management authorities of your municipal or regional authority with your questions.
  • You can also obtain information from employees of the Fire and Rescue Service, the Police of the Czech Republic and the Municipal Police of your municipality or region.
  • Your questions will be answered by the Consultation Office of the Police of the Czech Republic and the Fire and Rescue Service, tel.: 841111120.
  • In case of danger, threat, finding a suspicious object, liquid, substance, upon receiving a suspicious letter, etc., contact the emergency call numbers immediately.
  • Contact the Contact Point of the Czech Republic service (24 HOURS per day) due to findings of sources of ionizing radiation, the telephone number 224 220 200 applies.