SÚJB submitted its National Assessment Report on the Fire protection of nuclear facilities in the Czech Republic to ENSREG

The Nuclear Safety Directive NSD 2014/87/EURATOM establishes a regular thematic peer review (Topical Peer-Review) and the interval for its implementation is set 1 x 6 years starting in 2017. The topic of the first review was "Ageing Management“. The second topic chosen by the ENSREG was Fire Protection. The aim of this assessment is to perform mutual review of established fire protection practice, to share operational experience as well as to provide a transparent and open framework for developing and implementing appropriate follow-up measures to address areas identified for improvement. In accordance with Article 8e (2) NSD 2014/87/EURATOM, all nuclear facilities with the permit of the national regulatory body, which are in operation or under construction as of 30 June 2022, are to be included in the assessment.

The first task of the Peer-Review was the preparation of the National Assessment Report. The report is drafted in accordance with the Technical Specification which was prepared by the working group of RHWG WENRA (TPR II WG) and approved by the ENSREG. Given that the scope of TPR II is wide, the ENSREG Board, at the proposal of TPR II WG members, approved the national selection of nuclear facilities, taking into account the radiation risk to the environment and the population.

In accordance with the applicable provisions, the SÚJB prepared the National Assessment Report of the Czech Republic and submitted it to ENSREG in October 2023, and at the same time published it on its website.

After the publication of each Member State's report, a cross-examination of national reports will begin in 2024 to compare the measures adopted by operators and their assessment by nuclear regulators.