Bilateral Meeting of Nuclear Regulatory Bodies of the Czech Republic and the People´s Republic of China

Bilateral meeting were held in Prague on 25 and 26 May 2018 between the authorities of the State Office for Nuclear Safety (SÚJB) of the Czech Republic and the National Nuclear Safety Administration (NNSA) of the People´s Republic of China, organized on the basis of the Memorandum of Understanding between the SÚJB and NNSA for the Exchange of Technical Information and Cooperation in Nuclear Safety Matters.

The Chinese delegation led by the Vice Minister of Ministry of Environmental Protection, Administrator of NNSA Mr. Liu HUA met the Chairperson Ms. Dana DRÁBOVÁ and other SÚJB authorities. Delegations exchanged the basic information about responsibilities and competencies of their regulatory bodies. The substantial discussion was focused on the Cooperation Programme 2018-2019, which will be concentrated on exchange of experience in the field of nuclear safety, radiation protection, emergency planning and response as well as legislation issues.

At the end of the meeting the chairpersons of Czech and Chinese regulatory bodies signed the Cooperation Programme 2018-2019 and agreed to hold the meeting the next year in China  

The meeting was held in the opened atmosphere, accompanied by lively discussion and was continued by the excursion into ÚJV Řež and presentation of the project of THS-15 (Thermal-Hydraulics Stand) for In-Vessel Melt Retention in case of severe accident of a reactor. The bilateral meeting was finished next day by excursion to Temelin NPP where the Chinese delegation was informed among others about Post-Fukushima Measures adopted at Czech NPPs.