Radiation Monitoring Network

Radiation Monitoring Network (RMN)

SUJB manages the activities of the Radiation Monitoring Network (RMN). Together with SUJB also the licensee for the operation of nuclear power plant, The Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Agricultural and the Ministry of Environment participate in the activities of RMN.

RMN shall ensure the monitoring of the radiation situation in the territory of the Czech Republic including the data transfer and the information system management for:

  1. evaluation of a radiation situation for the needs of monitoring and assessing of exposure condition;
  2. making decisions on the countermeasures to reduce or avert exposure in case of a radiation accident;
  3. international exchange of the information and the data about a radiation situation; and
  4. public release and promotion of the data and information about the radiation situation on the territory of the Czech Republic.

The monitoring network operation shall be ensured by both the regular componentsthat operate continuously and the emergency components which are only activated in case of a suspicion or an actual occurence of a radiological emergency.
The monitoring network shall operate in the normal or emergency mode of operation.