Exposure Control and Regulation


Personnel exposure at workplaces with ionizing radiation sources in 2004 was monitored by five dosimetric services, currently existing and licensed by SÚJB – the Nationwide Service of Personal Dosimetry Praha, s.r.o., dosimetric services of Dukovany and Temelín NPPs, dosimetric service of the Nuclear Research Institute Řež, a.s., and dosimetric service of the State Institute for Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Protection that assures personnel monitoring in the uranium-mining industry (Diamo, s.p.). The license was also issued to the Dosimetry Institute of The Czech Academy of Sciences for the execution of dose calculations for aviation personnel. A total of about 20,000 employees with ionizing radiation sources were monitored, as with every year. The doses of these employees are recorded in the Central Registry of Occupational Exposure kept by the SÚJB.

In 2002, Decree 419/2002 Coll., on personal radiation ID cards came into effect. This decree states that the "external personnel", i.e. the personnel of category A working on a contract basis in the controlled area of another operator, be equipped with a personal ID card. The radiation ID cards are to be issued and recorded by the Office. This decree took effect in 2004. The system of personal radiation ID cards is to ensure a proper and complete evaluation of doses to external personnel, particularly personnel contracted for work in controlled areas of nuclear power plants. Based on the request from 88 license holders, the Office issued 2,680 of the radiation ID cards.

The evaluation of doses in 2004


Great effort, which was made in the reduction of population exposure, was focused on the reduction of radon exposure in buildings that form a predominant part of the cumulative effective dose to which the Czech Republic's population is exposed. This component of personal exposure has a very wide range, and higher exposure levels are, based on experience of the past years, controllable with reasonably achievable cost.

Medical Exposure

Exposure to Natural Sources

Medical Aspects of Radiation Protection