Spent Fuel Storage Facility Dukovany

Spent fuel storage facility (SFSF) Dukovany is used for long term storage of VVER-440 spent fuel used in reactors of NPP Dukovany. Spent fuel is stores in SFSF Dukovany in CASTOR 440/84M casks. Due to limited storage capacity of the Interim spent fuel storage facility (ISFSF) Dukovany the SFSF Dukovany was put into the trial operation in 2006. Storage capacity of the facility – 133 pcs. of casks for 1340 t HM, is sufficient for all spent fuel from NPP Dukovany once the operated ISFSF Dukovany is full and until decommissioning of all the four units of NPP Dukovany. The construction of SFSF Dukovany followed the Government Decree No. 121/1997 of 5 March, 1997 in which the Czech Government recommended to build SF storage facilities at the sites of the operated NPPs.

The following key steps have been made in connection with the construction and operation of SFSF Dukovany:

  • development of EIA documents for SFSF Dukovany,
  • development of an expert opinion for EIA documents for SFSF Dukovany,
  • public discussion of environmental impacts of SFSF Dukovany,
  • issue of a favorable position by MŽP ČR (November 1999),
  • development of the Initial Safety Report in connection with the application for a siting license,
  • issue of a siting license by SÚJB for the SFSF Dukovany at the NPP Dukovany site (December 1999),
  • issue of a planning permit (May 2000),
  • selection of a designer for SFSF Dukovany,
  • selection of cask supplier for initial operation of SFSF Dukovany,
  • development of a Preliminary Safety Report in connection with the application for a license for construction of SFSF Dukovany (December 2001),
  • issue of a license by SÚJB to construct SFSF Dukovany in the NPP Dukovany site (October 2002),
  • issue of construction permit (May 2003),
  • start of construction of SFSF Dukovany (April 2004),
  • end of the facility construction and final building approval issued by local, competent construction authority (February 2006),
  • commissioning licence issued by SÚJB (November 2006),
  • commissioning of the facility – trial operation (22 December 2006),
  • issue of operational licence by SÚJB (April 2008)

Spent fuel storage facility

CASTOR 440/84M cask was licensed for railway transports and storage of spent fuel from VVER-440 reactors by the SÚJB license No. 15451/2005 from 12 July 2005.