SONS has approved continued operation of LR-0 research reactor

The State Office for Nuclear Safety issued a permit for continued operation of LR- 0 research reactor. LR- 0 is a zero power reactor used in the area of active zone physics and shielding of light water VVER type of reactors, the measurement of neutron-physical characteristics of the VVER and PWR type of reactors, verification of radiation damage of materials and of internal-reactor installations and VVER reactor vessels.

SÚJB inspectors have been evaluating the extensive background documentation for six months. They have verified in detail the current state of the assessed nuclear facility. During the administrative procedure, the compliance with all legal requirements for operation of LR- 0 research reactor pursuant to the Atomic Act and its implementing legal regulations has been proved.

The operating permit has been issued in accordance with Article 9, paragraph 1 (f) of the Act No 263/2016, Atomic Act on December 16, 2020.