Quadrilateral Meeting of Nuclear Regulatory Authorities of Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia and the Czech Republic organized on 3 - 4 May 2018 in Budapest in Hungary

The quadripartite session of regulatory bodies of Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia and the Czech Republic took place on 3 to 4 May 2018 in Budapest in Hungarian. Regular annual consultations are based on cooperation in the field of nuclear safety and security.

During the meeting, chaired by HAEA (Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority) Chairperson Mr. Fichtinger, delegations of four Central European countries discussed current development in their agencies. Discussion devoted to questions on nuclear power plants with an emphasis on a security and a process of environmental impact assessment prior to the preparation of the construction of a new nuclear facility or before issuing an operation license for LTO of a unit of a nuclear power plant. The subject of the discussion was the issue of security and safeguards matters too.

Participants of the meeting also discussed relevant topics regarding international organizations with a stress on Topical Peer Review Process and ESPOO Convention. They agreed on necessity of coordinated activities in the issue of common interest.