Guidelines for emergency protection

Although we are deeply convinced that the likelihood of such an event is low, in response to numerous enquiries regarding Russia's threats that do not exclude the use of nuclear weapons, the SÚJB recommends the public to proceed as follows in case of preparing protection against a nuclear attack:

- Prepare evacuation luggage with essential personal items, spare clothing and documents, and if necessary an emergency pack (non-perishable food, enough drinks, medical and hygiene supplies for several days, especially medicines you use regularly, a radio receiver and a torch with a spare set of batteries, etc.),

- arrange with family members a system of alternative communication for case of possible mobility communication services failure,

- in the case of  attack, immediately retreat to cellars, shelters or other underground areas with thick concrete walls, close all doors and windows and stop all ventilation,

- after an attack, wait at least several hours before going outside because of possible radioactive fallout,

- when leaving the shelter, cover your airways with a scarf or respirator to prevent inhalation of radioactive material,

- after reaching safety, take a shower and change your clothes as soon as possible to prevent further spread of contamination,

- follow the Integrated Rescue System Bodies´ instructions.

As matters of civil protection and non-peaceful use of nuclear energy are not under the direct competence of the SÚJB and Civil Emergency Preparedness, for further information reference can be made to the websites and information channels of the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic. In general, the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic deals with the issue of population protection in our territory.