30th regular bilateral meeting of the Czech Republic and Austria

On Thursday, 25th November 2021, the 30th regular bilateral meeting of the Czech Republic and the Republic of Austria took place, due to the COVID-19 pandemic as a videoconference. Representatives of both parties discussed news and exchanged information in the field of nuclear safety, legislation and operation of nuclear facilities, including updated information on the preparation of Nuclear New Build and the process of evaluation of potential sites for the Deep Geological Repository.

These negotiations are held on the basis of the Agreement between the Government of the Czech Republic and the Government of the Republic of Austria to Settle Issues of Common Interest in Connection with Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection. They provide platform for information and experience sharing.

The Czech delegation was led by the Director of the Management and Technical Support Section of the State Office for Nuclear Safety, Mr. Michal Merxbauer. Mr. Ronald Sturm from the Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs was the head of the Austrian delegation. Both delegations comprised also representatives of involved ministries, institutions and other experts.