Emergency Response Center

The Emergency Response Center is a technical department directly managed by the SUJB chairperson. ERC is a workplace for the emergency preparedness and for the crisis management and oversees related activities.

Emergency preparedness

Emergency preparedness means an ability to recognize the occurrence of a radiological emergency and, upon its occurrence, to carry out measures specified in emergency plans. ERC ensures the following activities:

  • Approves on-site emergency plans of nuclear facilities, workplaces of the 4th category and selected workplaces of the 3rd category;
  • Carries out the inspection of emergency preparedness at the nuclear facilities, workplaces of the 4th category and selected workplaces of the 3rd. category;
  • Evaluates the results of inspections;
  • Participates in inspections at other workplaces with sources of ionizing radiation focusing on the emergency preparedness;
  • continuously operates the workplace for the receipt of information on occurrence of an emergency event;
  • Receives and distributes protocols on an emergency event;
  • Management of the Radiation Monitoring Network in the normal radiation situation;
  • International exchange of data;
  • Current radiation situation: http://www.sujb.cz/monras/aplikace/monras_en.html

Crisis management
The Crisis management is the summary of management activities of relevant institutions, concerned in analysis and evaluation of safety risks, planning, organization, realization and control of activities performed in connection with the solution of a crisis situation. ERC ensures the following activities:

  • continuously operates the workplace of the crisis management of SUJB
  • answers for handling of the documents marked with “Special Facts”;
  • Compiles of the Crisis plan of SUJB;
  • Organizes and supports the activities of the Crisis staffof SUJB


Emergency response Center ensures also:


  1. Continuous operability of the workplace for the receipt of information about a discovery or suspicion of a discovery ofchemical and biological weapons according to acts 19/1997 Coll. and 281/2002 Coll.
  2. Uses results of the following Research and Development projects:
    • Development of software equipment for assessment of radiological impacts of nuclear facilities after serious accidents
    • Development of Nuclear Power Plant Source Terms for the Needs of the Crisis Staff of the State Office for Nuclear Safety
    • Development and implementation of advanced systems for modeling of radionuclides dispersion in the environment