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25.11.2016 18:06

Bilateral meeting on nuclear safety issues between representatives of the Czech Republic and Austria

25th regular bilateral meeting of representatives of Czech and Austria institutions was held in...

16.11.2016 20:27

Bilateral Meeting of Nuclear Regulatory Bodies of the Czech Republic and the Federal Republic of Germany

20th regular bilateral meeting of representatives of the Czech and Germany nuclear regulatory...

21.10.2016 21:15

Seminar about the Chemical Weapons Convention for Customs Administration

Seminar „Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) and cooperation between State Office for Nuclear Safety...

27.09.2016 18:18

The Czech Republic hosted participants of the OPCW Associate Programme

This year the Czech Republic was honoured to be for the fourth time a host country for the...

12.09.2016 09:29

National Report of the Czech Republic under the Convention on Nucler Safety for the 7th Review Meeting has been published

The Convention on Nuclear Safety (CNS) was adopted in June 1994 and entered into force in October...